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Out of hospital birth has received a bad rap for decades. You don’t need to know the history of birth to understand that many folks are leery of anything beyond a “normal” birth.  But here’s the thing: a lot of what people think they know about birth is just plain wrong. As in unfounded and […]

Talking to Your Family About Your Out of Hospital Birth

Hiring the Right Birth Doula for Your Family

Bold statement comin’ at ya…  Hiring a birth doula will almost always change your experience for the better. There, I said it.  Doulas are amazing! A birth doula is there to serve you, love on you, advocate for you, help your partner understand what on earth is going on, and keep your mind off pain […]

Let’s chat birth planning. Most birth plans often end up being fine print documents your birth team will not have time to read nor follow. There are hundreds of birth plan generators out there and many of them ask fantastic, thought-provoking questions. The trouble is they produce a dictionary length document that NASA could barely […]

Creating a Simple + Effective Birth Plan

The Privilege of Silence

  This is a letter I wrote to address the topics of racism and white privilege for those who subscribe to our emails. I felt it was important to share in a more public forum as well. — Things are not as they should be. The thought of sending the light and fun email I […]

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